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‘Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul, Dream deep, for every dream, precedes a goal.’

Today’s generation is a different generation of children who possess amazing talent and characteristics, Which definitely is because of the interminable capacity of inquisitive mind that leads to questions such as ‘Why’, ‘When’, ‘How’, ‘What’ and so on. Therefore, the teacher of today’s generation has to play many roles such as that of a guide a friend a facilitator a visionary and a learner as well.

At H.D. public school, we strive to delve deeper into the true purpose of education by providing opportunities and a positive, inspiring and stimulating environment to our students for a holistic development.

These young minds have tremendous potential and immense power of observation and deep within they have a desire to lead a flourishing life. So, in their formative years we must inculcate in them an excellent mindset and strong ethics so that they are fully prepared for their potential roles in life as family, society, and welfare. They responsibility lies on all of us teachers and parents. Who have to act as role models to constantly watch them and take special care to faster an environment that would instill in them a deep feeling of commitment to value and a deep concern for the well Beings of others.

We believe that every student is an engaged learner, every teachers is a caring educational every parent is a supporting partner. Like, life, education is not only about destinations. It is about the journey, about reading the sign posts, helping fellow travellers who have lost their way, and spreading warmth and good cheer.

The school believes, in the philosophy of excellence in all spheres and inculcating the essence of the Indian value system in all the students. They are guided on their path by highly competent and extremely caring faculty and staff. Education at H.D. Public School has been imperatively re-inventing itself with a mission to equip the new generation of leaders with the right skills and perspectives. The students are groomed in a way that they learn to understand that happiness lies in the joy of achievements, in the thrill of creative effort not in the mere possession of wealth. We prepare them to compete and give their best even when the going is tough value their own achievements but never envy.

We believe that education is a process that should foster creativity, independent thinking, exploration and experimentation as a life-long-process all without compromising on sound ethical values. The purpose is to produce young men and women of character, ability and intellect, in possession of moral and ethical values with the ability to make balanced decision. They would not only help the children to achieve ‘better quality of life’ but also to aim for ‘higher quality of life’.

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H.D. Public School aims to create a learning environment and a relationship among the children, the teachers and parents, which is supportive, affectionate and empowers the child to grow into a competent, confident, hardworking and socially responsible citizen.

Mokhra Road, Bahu Akbarur, Rohtak

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