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“An outside school coach, properly prepared and sensitive to individual and whole-school concerns, can provide a balance of pressure and support to initiate and sustain meaningful school improvement”.

In the current context of school accountability, we are using the term coach to mean a highly skilled individual who is charged with providing essential “Pressure and supports” to a school improvement team to attain the ultimate goal of raising student achievement.

The individuals hired to support school improvement teams as “Capacity builders” emphasizing desired result of good coaching – namely growth in the ability of the school improvement team and team leader to guide and manage the systemic changes that will lead to the desired educational outcomes for students.

“A good coach will make his players see what they can be rather than what they are”. Coaches are often contracted by state agencies, districts, or affiliated service centers, ideally in consultation with the school or district receiving support services. In many cases, they are experienced educators or district receiving support services. In many cases, they are experienced educators or education consultants, often external to the lines of authority and supervision within the school or local education agency. The array of competencies required of individuals contracted to support teams fall across, interpersonal skills and consulting skills.

Improvement by coaching tasks:-

  • Nurture positive interactions
  • Build team skill in using SMART goals to structure sound action plans.
  • Monitor team function and foster positive interaction.
  • Support the use of various media to communicate the school’s efforts to the wider community.
  • Build team skill in providing formative feedback to their peers. Those implementing the plan will be better able to implement the plan’s strategies if they are encouraged to picture themselves in their “new and improved” methods of operating. The task of a coach is to build the team leader’s skill in helping team members and school stakeholders make the invisible visible. Engaging team members and staff in activities to visualize can mobilize mental energy to supplement the physical energy demanded of “Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.”

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H.D. Public School aims to create a learning environment and a relationship among the children, the teachers and parents, which is supportive, affectionate and empowers the child to grow into a competent, confident, hardworking and socially responsible citizen.

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