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Rakhi Making Competition

Rakhi- Making Competition The auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan was celebrated at H.D. Public school. By organizing a Rakhi-making competition for different class groups, Raksha Bandhan is a special occasion to celebrate the bond between brothers and sisters symbolized by the tying of a holy thread, ‘Rakhi’ around the wrist of brothers. All the children participated with great zeal and zest in the creative competition of Rakhi-making. In the competition a number of creative and colorful Rakhid being made by the students. The designs were so creative and fascinating that it was very difficult to come out with a single winner’s list. Yet in the final assessment the class wise result is as follows. From the 3rd class-1st position goes to Khushi of 3rd Green. 2nd position goes to Rakhi of 3rd White. 3rd position goes to Tannu of 3rd White. From the 4th class -1st position is attained by two students. Harsh of 4th Green and Anjali of 4th White. 2nd position goes to Harshit of 4th Saffro.

Card -Making Competition

On 28th July 2018 Greeting –Card making competition was organized for the students of 3rd to 5th Grades. The theme was based on ‘Festivals’. Children participated with great enthusiasm. The cards they made showed their love and gratitude towards festivals. A blend of remarkable creativity and imagination was displayed by children. All the students took part keenly and made beautiful card by dint of their creativity the competition was full of life passion and spirit. Result is as follows:- 3rd class 1st position goes to Rakhi of 3rd white. 2nd position goes to Khushi of 3rd Green. 3rd position goes to Janu of 3rd white. From 4th class:- 1st position goes to Gaurav of 4th white. 2nd position goes to Anjali of 4th white Two student got 3rd prize Anushka of 4th white and Chavvi of 4th white. From 5th class:- 1st position was attained by two student Saurav of 5th Green and Aditi of 5th White. 2nd position was also attained by two students vishalnath of 5th blue and anupriya of 5th white.


Best out of Waste

In order to make children aware of uses of waste material, and to give them a lesson on reducing waste to save our future, a ‘Best out of Waste’ competition was organized for students of class 9th to 12th on 28th July 2018 Mind-blowing, beyond expectation, fantabulous ideas were demonstrated by student. This activity, helped to enhance not only creativity and presentation skills but also helped the students to realize the importance of recycling and reusing waste material available to them. Students actively participated in this event. Director sir Mr. Surender Phogat and Principal sir Mr. Dulad Deb appreciated the innovative and creative articles prepared by students First position was bagged by Sunita of 11th saffron from Topaz house & Simant of 11th Art from coral house. Second position goes to Tammna of 10th saffron from Topaz house. Third Position goes to Kareena of 12th commerce from Topaz house and Shivangi of 12th Green from Sapphire house.


Inter House Soft-Board Decoration competition

Inter house soft-board decoration competition was held on 28 July students of various houses decorated their house boards and displayed their creativity to best of their ability Topaz house was adjudged as the winner. Second position goes to Emerald & Sapphire house and third position goes to coral house.


kite making

Adding another blooming bud to the bouquet of activities, kite making competition was organized on 28th July 2018 for the students of Nur to 2nd. The students participated in the activity with full zeal and fervor. It was wonderful opportunity for the students to showcase their creativity manifested in the form of beautiful vibrant kites made by them. On the whole the competition was learning and Joyous experience. Director Sir of H.D Public School Mr. Surender Phogat and Principal sir Mr. Dulal Deb appreciated the performance of tiny tots.


Inter House Kabaddi competition

The enthusiasm and increased participation in a very traditional sport like kabaddi amongst the students itself is the greatest achievement of the inter-house Kabaddi competition organized in the premises of H.D Public school on 21st July 2018. The competition was officiated by the sports teachers. A special coaching and training programme was kept preceding the competition to assist the participants to give good performance and to brief them about the rules and regulations of the competition. After the initial rounds which were full of excitement, It was time for the finals. Sapphire house bagged the 1st position Emerald house attained 2nd position and coral house remained at 3rd position. Director sir Mr. Surender Phogat, Principal sir Mr. Dulal Deb and Vice- Principal Mr. R.K Khanna graced the occasion of the final match and appreciated the superb performances of all the participants, Krishan and Manish were rewarded a cash Prize of 500/ for management, outstanding performance.


Photo-frame competition

"Art is not imitation and it cannot be taught to anyone.It is an expression of who you are." To discover the undiscovered talents and innovative students. Art competitions are regularly organized. It is about encouraging nurturing and showcasing every childs naural creative flair. Through these contests students learn to explore the extent of their imagination and express themselves without any fear. To inculcate creativity in students a photo-frame making competition was held for the students of 9th to 12th class on 7th July 2018. It's a true saying that creativity is most important human resorce of all. Every participant enthusiastically participated in the competition and made it successful.


Classical Dance

The students are given an opportunity to indulge in a wide range of hobbies of their choice, like classical dance. It effects have a potential effect on the raw minds of the children rather than bookish knowledge.

Poster -Making Competition

>On 26th may 2018, a poster making competition was organised for the students of 6th to 8th the theme for the competition was Poster making (Anti Tobacco, Thalassaemia Day)the students through paintings and sketches. students participated with immense zeal and enthusiasm and made very beautiful posters which gave the message. 1st position goes to yogita from 6th blue sarika 7th Green Reena from 8th Saffron class. 2nd position goes to Yogita, Kashish from 7th Blue and Anshu from 8th White class 3rd position goes to jatin Rathee from 6th Green Nikhil from 7th Green Vishu from 8th Blue .


Story Telling Competition

On 26th may 2018, To enhance the confidence and speaking skills of the students. H.D. Public school organised a story Telling Competition in hindi for the students of classes 3rd to 5th. The students narrated the moral based stories. Each story concluded with moral highlighting different values of life. Enthusiasm and passion of the students were also witnessed by the teachers and Judges. Director sir Sh. Surender Phogat and Principal sir appreciated the students performance and their confidence. The result was declared class wise which is as follows. Indu class 3rd coral House got 1st position 2nd Position Position goes to Tannu and 3rd Position goes to Anish Saphere House. Class 4th Green khushi Topaz House got 1st position Harsh Raja 4th Green Saphere House 2nd House and Ronak 4th White Emerald House got 3rd position. Class 5th White Ishan got 1st position. 2nd position goes to Tamanna from Saphire House and 3rd position goes to Saurabh class 5th Green topaz House goes to 3rd


Mother's Day Skit

The school had organized an English Skit competition for class 3rd to 5th on mother’s day. It was an inter house competition. The students performed the skit in a very enthusiastic way and were successful in driving home the point that “Mother’s Day” is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mother in society. The Judges were Director Sir Mr. Surender Phogat, Principal Sir Dulal Deb and Vice-Principal Mr. R.K. Khanna The Judges well and Truly moved by the effort and performance of the students. Topaz house students got 1st position, coral house students got 2nd position.


Speech Competition

There is no doubt education is secret key of human success and the roots of education lie on competition.” On 19th May 2018 Inter House speech competition was held in (H.D Public School, Bahu Akbarpur) for the class 9th to 12th. Every student typically displayed excellent diction, use of emotion and fantastic gestures. “Admiration comes easy to a person, who is endowed with the fine art of Public speaking, who adorns common thoughts with the grace of speech and the elegancy of style”. The school had organized a speech competition for 9th 10 12th class on 19th May 2018, in school auditorium. It was an interhouse competition. The speech of the students were very informative and the students were very confident the duration of the competition was 2 minutes. They displayed excellent diction, use of emotion and fantastic gestures, which all help to hammer home the meaning min their words. The participants exhibited perfect nuances and finer points that go into making a public speech i


Yellow Day

“Shades of yellow stimulates our little ones with happiness, energy and optimism_ _ _ _ _ _” With an objective to recapitulate and reinforce the effects of yellow colour, KG and Primary wing celebrated “Yellow day” on 19th May 2018. A day dedicated to yellow colour was marked with children dressed in different hues and tints of yellow. Children were not only beautifully dressed in their favorite yellow dresses but also bought yellow objects to make it a complete “Yellow Day”! Yellow -the colour of wisdom and intellectual energy had a positive influence on our tender tots."


Rubella Vaccination

Measles-Rubella Vaccination Camp, which was scheduled for Thursday (03-05-2018), was successfully organized. This universal Immunisation Programme is said to be safe and prevents ill-effects associated with measles virus. Apart from this vaccination programme, school has organized an art competition and a skit on measles and Rubella to create awareness among students. The campaign aims to rapidly build up immunity for both, measles and Rubella diseases in the community so as to knock out the disease, therefore all the children from class Nurssery to 10th have received MR Vaccine during this vaccination camp in our school campus.


Power presentation

On 21st April, Saturday.There was Inter-House competition in H.D Public School Bahu Akbarpur 4 students for each house participated and gave their best performances. Winner Nitika & Neha from Coral and Topaz House got 1st position on the topic Team Work, 2nd position was secured by Khushi, Anju and Sarika of Emerald House, 3rd position was secured by Isha, Amisha and Garima of Coral House.


Drawing & Rangoli Competition

Children have abundant energy if this energy is channelized positively they can create wonderful creations H.D Public school has been fueling& pushing the dormant energy of children into positive sphere like drawing competition and Rangoli competition.

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