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PTC Intercom and other Networking Solutions

With the advancement in technology, intercom has come handy in the field of communications. You can find them at homes, offices, and schools. We are experts in providing customized intercom with installation services to our various numbers of clients. Our product is available with wires and cables as well as wireless systems. Among all wireless intercoms have penetrated their way among the audience. With a benefit of easy installation, the intercoms are movable and can be operated from anywhere in a confined space. Our excellence in the field and professionalism in our work can very well satisfy the needs of our customers.

We offer a range of fast, advanced, highly secure, and reliable options to fit the needs of your business. Improve your operational efficiency and agility with our Software Defined Networking solutions experienced in IP-based communications, making us the leading distributor in Rohtak. We stock a wide variety of IP telecommunications equipment such as IP PBX, Gateways, VoIP telephones, intercoms, door phones and accessories.

Networking solutions for small businesses can keep your employees connected and productive whether they are. Small business computer networks help you better compete against larger companies while lowering communications costs, enhancing efficiencies, and improving customer service. PTC Circle provides network internet solutions to enable companies to improve and monitor their network and system infrastructure.

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