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Examination Results

The academic programme from 1st standard onwards is conducted according to NCERT curriculum, providing ample opportunity for the student to explore experiment, discover and learn. For the conduct of school examination and for promotion to next higher classes, the following rules will be observed in letter & spirit. A child will be assessed through:

1. For classes 1st and 2nd assessment will be based on periodical tests.

2. For classes III to VIII assessment will be based on periodical tests, class tests, homework, two terminal tests, regularity, punctuality, discipline etc.

3. Classes IX to XII will be assessed according to CBSE examination rules.

4. Promotion will be based on assessment of the entire year.

5.In the report card there will be only grades according to the following scale:-

Marks% Grade Marks% Grade
91-100 A1 81-90 B2
71-80 B1 61-70 B2
51-60 C1 41-50 C2
31-40 D1 21-30 D2

6. There will be no re-examination or re-assessment, in case a student remains absent/on leave in any test may be due to any reason. No grading /marks based on previous tests result will be awarded to those, who absent themselves. However, average marks will be considered only for the sick students on production of medical certificate/hospital certificate subject to the verification by medical officer.

7. These by–laws will be binding unless suppressed by any other subsequent authentic order of the principal.

8. In class Nursery & K.G. –Activity based learning with thematic approach.

9. In class 1st & 2nd –The skills of learning with interactive approach.

10. From class 3rd onwards –through ‘’continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation”.